Student Paper Award 2022

Our Journal of Technological and Space Plasmas ( wants to give young researchers the opportunity to publish their findings to a broad audience, especially when their ideas are unconventional. Therefore, we sponsor a student paper award for the best manuscript submitted to JTSP. The first prize will be a 100 Euro Amazon voucher and, of course, there will be no publication fees after the peer-review process is passed!

Any researcher from the fields of plasma science and technology will be considered if the following criteria are met:

1. The first author has not obtained a PhD degree at the point of the paper submission.
2. The paper has to be submitted until the 31st of DEC. 2022, 12 pm, Central European time.

The winner will be chosen by members of the editorial board, who will take the following points into consideration:

1. Soundness of the science underlying the paper.
2. The referee reports from the peer-review process.
3. The quality of the presented idea(s) - are they novel, unconventional and will they have a broader impact in their field?

We are looking forward to read your manuscripts and the winner of the contest will be anounced by the end of January 2023.

Good luck to all contestants and please share this information with all your students.